Saturday, December 28, 2013

What's the Story Morning Glory

This post has no association with the Oasis song. It struck me as funny because it isn't morning and that I woke up much later than usual today, though it is only because I went to bed much later than usual.

Here is a selfie I took this morning as I was aping my reaction to it being the time that it was.

There is a terrific and super funny video I shared on FB the other day that I wanted to post here as well. This guy is in an airport and gets right up next to people talking on cell phones and does something he calls "cell phone crashing", it's so funny, please watch!

That was hilarious, right?

Well, as I type this it is 12:32 on Saturday afternoon and I feel like I need to feign productivity in some form, though posting to a blog can be deemed productive; at least I think so!

I'll catch ya all a bit later.

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