Tuesday, January 28, 2014


That was how much I had to pay my plumber for all of the repairs necessary to get the heat working. My mantra for the last few days was "three digits is better than four', relating to the number of digits in the end cost. However, I was still a bit shocked at the final tab and after carefully reviewing the services performed and the parts replaced, i think it was a bit higher than it should be.

I promised myself I wouldn't gripe with the plumber over this mostly because he has been pretty good to me over the years; there were at least three times where he provided services and did not charge me (of course the inner desire to to gripe over having to spend the $750 wants to say something like, "and he made up for it today).

I was pretty sure the total would be somewhere between $500 and $600, that's the number I was mentally prepared to handle, so when he said $750, I couldn't help but gulp, but I wrote the check. here's the thing that's a real pain though, He put in the first part the first day, you know, the circulator pump, that's the thing I posted a picture of a few days ago. In the process of installing that, somehow the "controller" for the bolier blew and he didn't have one. He left on Saturday hoping to get one Sunday, no dice. He came yesterday afternoon, replaced the controller then he blew out the circulator pump he installed the day before. Of course he didn't have one on his truck so now he's coming back sometime today. I don't have to pay for the new pump to replace the new pump, but it's an added nuisance and I kind of wish I didn't give him the check until it was in, so he'd have more incentive to show up and not blow it off (not that I think he will, but anything could happen).

Here's something that a bit more of a kicker, something I'm a little upset over. later last night, I reviews his bill and added up the numbers. he did the math wrong! According to the numbers he wrote, the total should have been $850, not $750, which he wrote, I didn't question and already paid him. $750 was overcharging in my opinion but $850 is definitely overcharging. I have decided not to mention it and if he catches it and asks for the extra $100, I will call him out on his pricing. I have been loyal to him and he's been good to me, but that does not justify being more expensive than necessary.

Slightly awkward end of post.

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