Monday, January 06, 2014

Back to Work, The Fog Rolled In, Indian Summer

Today was my first day back to work in a few weeks - it was nice to get back, a bit hectic as always after being away but nothing unbearable (except maybe for one specific colleague).

It was intensely foggy this morning! Visibility was almost non-existent. Thankfully my commute is very short.

After a few days where temps reached as cold as like -14 or something, today topped off as high as 54 degrees! Now, we are heading back down to negative temps....what was that about global warming?

New Springsteen album drops next Tuesday but in a cross promotion, is streaming it all week for free. If you are interested, listen here (link will only bee good until release). I'm listening now, for the second time....solid!

Here's a great drinking game, that is, if you want to get totally fucked up...every time you hear the words "Polar vortex" in the next 24 hours, take a drink.

When did the whole holding up a poster board with some bullshit thing that may or may not be real on it then posting it to FB start? Can we stop it now? I just find it creepy.

I guess that about wraps things up for this evening. Thanks for stopping by!

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