Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Baseball Stupidity and Bad Weather

Masahiro Tanaka, a star pitcher in Japan is all the rage right now here in the U.S. I suspect teams will pay millions, maybe tens of millions just for the privilege of speaking to his representation and then he will get another boatload, tens of millions per year for who knows how long and guess what - there is a very high chance that he will stink! I've talked about this on this blog once before, the game of baseball played in Japan is different enough that the stats are an unreliable measure of performance. Most of the players brought over do not succeed and are not worth the money they are paid - why do they continue to waste this money?

Winter has returned in these parts, the school that I work at closed early to provide enough time for commuters to travel ahead of the arriving snow storm. As we are in the think of the storm now, 364 schools across the state of MA have closed for tomorrow, mine has not - no other word comes to mind but stupid.

I don't actually like snow days, I quite frankly have to work far harder moving snow, which is something I hate doing as opposed to my job, which I actually like. The thing is, with so many schools surrounding closing, childcare becomes an issue as does commuting, and several other things. With that in mind, doesn't it make sense to announce closing earlier rather than later so that people can sleep in if they want and not have to get up at 5 am just to find out they don't need to be awake that early? Again, stupid!

I'm done :)

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