Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Briefly Mentioning Headlines

  • Chris Christie finally proved that ultimately, he's a politician, and worse, a republican one. Disappointing on some level, but not surprising.
  • A-Rod should be banned from MLB for life and Pete Rose should be reinstated and immediately elected to the hall of fame, retroactively.
  • Despite loving technology and all the fun "toys", it's beginning to scare me a bit and I also have a hard time digesting the amount of R&D $$$ that goes into the entertainment industry when there is still so much to be done with medical research. This of course doesn't surprise me because toys are more profitable over the long haul, but it disappoints me (and I'm part of the problem because I buy into so much of the new technology).
  • I hear that Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are planning to perform together on the grammy awards show. This is not a big enough event for me to tune in - not going to waste 3.5 hours for what may be 3-8 minutes of something that might be worth seeing, especially when the clip will likely be isolated and somewhere on the Internet within hours after. I am most certain most if not all of the rest of the show will not be worth watching.
  • WWE legend Mae Young, one of the original female professional wrestlers, died at the age of 90. Young never stopped being entertaining! Rest in peace.
  • New Springsteen album released it! Different type of release but great stuff.
  • How many of you are nothing but confused anytime something hits the news related to health? It's all so confusing and conflicting.
  • Kanye is a thug, and talentless - please, make him go away forever!

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