Saturday, January 04, 2014

Does Home Ownership Ever Get Easier?

Amazing how the heat decides to stop working properly just when it is needed most...and other such tales that most of you I suspect are already aware of, and for many, have dealt with.

My heat thing is odd, the boiler appears to be working and for some reason, my gut, my very untrained in these affairs gut, thinks the thermostats are the problem but could both have with the bed at once? I guess it's possible, they are the same model and both installed at the same time. My plan is to replace them to see if that resolves the issue and if not, then call the big guns (plumber...cha-ching!).

For now, I got Billy Joel blasting, gonna hit the shower, head to Home Depot then try to deal with heat problem while prepping a dish for a pot luck at 3....better run, catchya later!

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