Monday, January 20, 2014

Guilt Trip and Other Long Weekend Notes

I watched the movie "The Guilt Trip" today and found myself to be entertained throughout, plenty of laughs, and a sweet story. I give this movie a thumbs up.

Friday night was relatively uneventful, so much so, I don't recall anything about it - other than I stood home.

Saturday evening I went to see my friend Jessie perform. Jessie released her first album on January 1st. Click her name to go to her website and check out her music and if you like it, consider supporting local music by purchasing it on iTunes.

Sunday, after church, my daughter and I had some Thai food at a place we hadn't tried before. It was okay, nothing special but also, nothing bad.

Today, I got up early and got a workout in. After I showered, I woke up my kid, who slept in and I made her a nice breakfast. We both were lazy-ish the rest of the day - she stayed in her PJ's until her mom came to pick her up at around 3 pm or so.

In the news today, I learned that a bunch of kids are now crushing up the candy smarties and snorting them! Seriously, where the fuck are they getting this from?

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