Sunday, January 19, 2014


This story takes place over 25 years ago, so the smaller details about positioning and size are as best as I recall them and all approximations that work toward the end result, which I recall pretty vividly.

Oh jeez, I believe it was some time in the 80's, a group of us ventured into a bar on the upper east side of Manhattan called Mingles. It was quite crowded and there were two bars, one closer to the front and one at the rear.

I recall that as we were positioned, the front bar was to our left, I'd guess about 10-15 feet away and the rear bar was straight ahead, I'd guess a good 20-25 feet away (maybe a bit more). At each of the bars was a large red flashing siren and when one of them went off, it was 25 cent shots until it went off.

Of course, the thick crowds waited with anticipation of this event and the first light to go off was the one furthest from us, way in the rear. Almost without missing a beat, our friend Roberto seemingly body surfed his way to the rear bar and dropped what I recall being a $20 bill on the bar and asked for as many "Woo-Woo" shots as can be poured. Woo-woo's were our shot of choice back then and there were now plenty to go around.

I don't recall anything else from that night except that! It's a great story. Years later, a few years ago that one of our friends reunions, I thought it would be fun to mix up some woo-woo's and have a few. Of course, we were all older and mature adults with families, so we did so responsibly, but it was still pretty fun and they were still quite delicious!

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