Friday, January 03, 2014

Moving the Snow and Other Tales from a Cold Winter's Day

The storm hit, and  fortunately, the buildup of snow was not all that bad; perhaps assisted by my foresight to move what fell yesterday yesterday, so that it wasn't part of the accumulation. I would venture to guess I had somewhere around 7-9 inches on average to move today, relatively easy snow to work with though it was pretty cold out there.

I got through it alright, snow thrower was a champ, and I was even able to carve out a nice walking path on the sidewalk which serves two purposes: (1) A clear, safer path for those who are attempting to navigate the town on foot and may pass in front of my property and (2) make the damage from the town sidewalk clearer negligible.

I remembered that I am going to a pot-luck tomorrow, so I had to figure out what to make and considering the weather, my gut thought comfort food was the best idea and with that, I decided on tater tot casserole. I seem to have misplaced the recipe I used last time I made it so while in search of it via Internet, I stumbled on a different one that looks delightful, and so it will be made.

The recipe I found is here. Finding it led me to a blog I may end up referencing a lot.

I am about half way through NY radio legend Carol Miller's autobiography. I learned of it from my pal Dan who mentioned it on FB, good read so far - I will post a review after I finish.

Stay warm if you are in the cold areas of the land (I am trying to, my heat is a bit fritzy but holding on enough, for now).

Later for now.

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