Wednesday, January 22, 2014

One Week, One Day and Maybe Another

I saw this while rummaging through the selections on Amazon Instant Video and decided to give it a shot. Joshua Jackson plays guy in his twenties that gets diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and very little chance of surviving treatment. His character, Ben, opts to ignore treatment and take a motorcycle trek across the country (the film takes place in Canada) in search of the life he hasn't, and won't get the chance to live. Along the way, we are treated to beautiful scenery, and Ben's desire to find every "world's largest" roadside attraction along with some poignant interactions that certainly made me stop and think about not only their significance in the story line, but a greater meaning beyond the film.

There is clearly a message and I think it is ultimately delivered in an interesting way. Joshua Jackson's performance is quite good though the rest of the cast fell a little short for me, fortunately, their role in the film was minimal and Jackson was good enough to carry them along in their interactions.

While I felt at times the pacing was on the slow side, at film's end I found that forgivable as I could see how it may have been deliberate. The very end offered an interesting surprise and an a-ha moment that added some value for me as well.

Overall, I think it's worth watching, there were some very touching moments and I like the idea of the story.
Last night, as you know if you read my post, I was impatiently waiting to see if I had to go to work today and was upset that while more than 350 schools in the areas closed and gave the word in advance, as of 1 am, I had no idea. My alarm sounded at 5am and still, no indication of closure. I rubbed the sandman out of my eyes and had a bowl of cereal and check email, and then, around 5:22 or so, word came through that the school would be closed until 5pm.

My reaction, and I was alone at the time (my daughter was still sleeping), "Fucking assholes! It's about time!" Then, I went back to bed and while I remained in bed for a couple of hours, I never really fell back into a nice deep sleep.

About 9:30 or so, I went out to tackle the snow throwing process. In all fairness, it wasn't to bad, other than the bitter cold, the actual moving of the snow was quite simple.

In heating news, after a couple of weeks of no problems maintaining the 65 degree temperature set on my thermostat (of course we were amidst an Indian summer), today I woke up to 60 degrees upstairs and 62 downstairs. Something clearly is wrong!

Friday I am heading to a regional user group meeting for Blackboard (the software we use for elearning). Nice to go on these occasional off campus jaunts and hang with colleagues from other colleges and share best practices and other nerdy education/technology stuff.

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