Saturday, January 11, 2014

Shaken, Not Stirred (But Spun)

I debated staying in on Friday night and just finishing my book, watch some TV, and laying low. As many of my colleagues joked this week, the first back after the holiday season, "these five day work weeks are exhausting".

Against my better judgment, I went to see my pals "The Road Dawgs", who were playing at a venue I swore to myself I'd never return to because it's nothing short of a shit shack. Let me first make sure you understand that the lack of good judgment has nothing to do with the band, I consider them friends and they are fun. That particular venue is just disgusting though.

I departed after the second set of the three scheduled as I was tired and it was closing in on midnight. Unbeknownst to me until this morning, a buddy of my friend Ameesh, who was also there, had his jacket stolen and rear windshield busted - I wasn't even aware just how much of a shit shack this place was.

There was a dense fog and precipitation that was cold enough to make the ground beneath slippery, I assumed that would be the case on the road, so my driving speed was adjusted for safety. I intentionally took a back road to be off of the busier main road; that turned out to be a potentially life saving move.

Less than a mile from my house, cruising at a speed of about 33 miles per hour, my car just began to slide. I attempted to maintain control, and stay calm but I just began to spin...540 degrees later, pointed against traffic, the car came to a stop. I had backed onto the curb behind me at one point but there was no obvious damage at the time (I haven't looked yet today, in the light). My tires remained inflated, I took a deep breath, thanked God for being safe, and for not peeing myself, them very slowly proceeded home.

I will not go back to the KasBar, despite that venue having nothing to do with the turn of events for me. I just don't want to patronize a shit shack, there is no reason to. I always try toe exercise caution while driving, especially when I am on the road in weather conditions that make driving more difficult.

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