Friday, January 31, 2014

The Space I Take Up

As we head into Super Bowl weekend, without my Patriots in the game, my normal thought would be that as far as I was concerned, the football season is over until next year. However, I have developed a level of respect for Peyton Manning that even if I decide not to watch the game, I am rooting for the Broncos and especially for Peyton; he really does seem like one of the good guys (aside from being a great QB).

The date is set - the kitchen remodel I've talked about in some form for like 9 months is finally going to begin; on February 20th. I am scared!

In preparation for the kitchen remodel, I will (this is me convincing myself) begin clearing out some stuff from the kitchen.

Toyota has really taken a few steps down in recent years. It seems that forever they were the rock solid car. You would see those commercials about how there are so many on the road for so long. A couple of years ago they had a massive, and I mean massive, recall that really put them a few steps back. While that sting is still fresh, some time had passed and begun working toward rebuilding their brand and all of a sudden, news comes out that some of their cars with heated seats are bursting into flames; uh, oh!

I'm really getting kind of sick at those who are smash talking Bruno Mars as the half-time entertainment. Sure, you may not like the music he makes but this guy has proven to be a fantastic performer. Give the guy a chance!

I've really been meaning to get closer to my slow cooker but haven't yet actually gone for it. I suspect I will procrastinate long enough to not do anything until after the kitchen is done. If any of you have any really great slow cooker recipes that you use, please share them with me.

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