Thursday, February 20, 2014

Kitchen Remodel - Before Shots

Here are the before shots taken just an hour or so before the contractors came to start work on the renovation.

In this first shot, to the left of the refrigerator, that closet is a pantry. Instead of demolishing that segment, I am leaving it in tact and will eventually replace the door with one that better matches the maple cabinetry that will be going in. 

The hood above the stove will be replaced with a microwave, The new stove has two ovens, including a convection feature (the microwave will have convection as well). All of the new appliances are stainless, which is all the rage. I personally am not in love with stainless but if I sell the house, it will make a difference.

Just look at that scalloped trim above the sink - ugh!
Not sure if you can see it here but around the point where the counter transitions from the dishwasher area to the peninsula at the left there is a crack; I call it the San Andreas fault.

The cabinet just to the left of the dishwasher provides access to the space to the right but it's really hard to access without basically crawling into the cabinet. In the new design, I have a cabinet being installed in reverse so that it opens on the other of the counter (picture below) - it will be at the left from the back of the peninsula and give easier accent to the space beside the dishwasher.

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