Friday, February 21, 2014

Kitchen Remodel - The First Nightmare

After I woke up this morning, in the light of the new day and the new perspective of slightly less anxiety over this remodel I sopped for a second in the kitchen and took a look and realized that something seemed wrong.

I started staring at the two cabinet bases for a while, the ones pictured in my last post, that I refer to how the "maple will really brighten things up" and it hit me, I ordered maple cabinets but realized these are not maple. As I got real close up, among the supplies/tools the contractors left behind for today were touch up pens and I noticed they said cherry - another gulp. I went out into the garage where all of the rest of the cabinetry is stored and looked at the manufacturer labels on the boxes - all cherry, no maple.


I placed a bunch of calls, sent a few email, got one email back and a quick call but either way, it's a bit of a nightmare. I am doing my very best to hold off an a full-on panic attack. My brain know that as much as this suck, as inconvenient as it is and will be, there are so many worse problems one can have, and many do. I wish that were enough to quell off the panic attack, maybe it will be. But for now - if you got a hug you might offer virtually (or in person), I'd appreciate it.

On a positive note, the back is feeling good.

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