Saturday, February 22, 2014

Kitchen Remodel: Where it Stands Right Now

After I spoke with the all of the relevant people at the contracting company, I was basically left with one of two choices: I could keep the incorrectly ordered cherry wood cabinetry and proceed with the job. In return, I would be offered a "discount" on the cabinets and the job would proceed on schedule. Alternately, if I wanted the Maple, as originally intended, they would place the order for cabinets, which will take 4-6 weeks at a minimum, and up to 8 weeks to receive then pick up from there. Since the demo has already been done, they will put in a "makeshift" kitchen to get me through the wait.

In talking to some about this, some right away say that I should just go for the cherry and get it over with. "Cherry is nice, I have cherry in my kitchen" said my friend Sherry. then several others said that if the discount they offered were good, you should take it. I had thought about it and what would be the right number for me to make that choice. I racked my brains for most of the morning and then I left work for lunch.

On the drive away from the office, I had a moment of clarity. This isn't about a matter of convenience or inconvenience, this isn't a matter of whether or not I like the cherry wood well enough, this is a matter of what for me is a major kitchen remodel, certainly financially.  I worked hard for more than four years to save enough money to pay for this job and it will take every penny of that savings to pay for it. There is no do-over if I wake up a day, a week, a month or a year after it's done and decide I don't really like the cherry or I wish I had gone with the maple - I will have to live with it. When I placed the order for maple, it wasn't because I saw a small sample and said sure, that looks good. As I always do, I obsessively researched all of the wood species and took several samples of many sizes into my house to look at them at different times of the day. When I chose maple it is because I was certain that is what I wanted and there is no reason to settle for something different, despite the inconvenience and stress of another waiting 4-8 weeks and dealing with the "makeshift" kitchen. Once the job is done, and done with what I chose, that inconvenience will be in the past, the regret of settling for what I didn't choose would remain for as long as I own the house.

And so, there it is. I suspect early in the next week they will do the makeshift thing and this story will be on hold until the next thing happens. Either way, life goes on.

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