Friday, February 14, 2014

Not My Valentine

If you are a FB friend, you read this already (if you read it when I posted it)

10:00 pm - Someone knocking on my front door - vigorously. This is pretty unusual so I take a peek before opening the door and see some dude with what looks like about a hundred red balloons. I have no idea what's up, I open the door and before I can say a word he says, "These are for you" and hands me a clipboard to sign.

He jets off to his van before I can tell him that it's 10pm and WTF! and I doubt that they were for me. I look at the envelope that housed the card and across it is the name CHRIS (in the ridiculous Comic Sans Font no less).

I really could not imagine who the heck would have sent me balloons, so with curiosity, I opened the card and it began..."My sweet Christine..." I almost peed myself and thought that before I have a fit of laughter, I better hail down that delivery guy who was just about to pull out of my driveway (one advantage of having a long driveway-though he was still sitting in his van for an almost creepy amount of time since 5 minutes had passed).

Long story long....I decided to throw a snowball at his rear window to get his attention instead of running on ice...he backed up, opened his window and said a curse word before I was able to communicate the error of his ways...he apologized and took back the balloons.

I wonder if Christine was expecting something from whomever sent them and was pissed for not getting anything by 10pm? I wonder if she'll call to apologize...they should be getting to her any second now.


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