Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Potpourri for 1927 Alex

I am really sore right now. Unfortunately I didn't have to go to work today. However, the reason was a snow storm and a pretty good (or bad depending on your preference of how to use either word) one - this meant I worked anyway, and much harder than if at my job, moving snow.

I cleaned the whole shebang three times, trying to stay ahead of the accumulation and the eventual weighing down of the snow by water content. I did a good job - though I wonder where it's at for the morning...I did expect it to be adequate.

I'm reading the latest Bill Bryson book about the year 1927 in America. Interesting! Not as lively as his other books, all of which I enjoyed, but still good.

UPS ASShats! They are supposed to deliver something to me today and didn't because they claim the weather emergency conditions are beyond their control. I might consider being sympathetic if I didn't see half a dozen UPS trucks drive right in front of my house while I was out moving snow.

Here's the most amazing performance of "If I Were a Carpenter" ever; by the writer (Tim Hardin):

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