Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Quickie (I Think) for Now

Since posting my crazy occurrence on valentine evening here and on FB, I have heard two more stories of late night door knocking by late deliveries. Mine was clearly the funniest since I was the only one who threw snowballs but all were definitely WTF moments.

Today is my mom's 89th birthday. I've written a number of tributes about her here and don't have the energy to do so at this moment. Suffice it to say, I miss her a lot and if they party in the afterlife, I hope she is having fun.

Still have Olympic fever, but last night had a really bad stomach thing. Thank God it went away, I was close to hitting up the ER, that's how painful it was. An odd combination of Tums and Pepto along with sipping seltzer and a few things I won't mention...along with a few hours sleep seemed to work it out.

It felt good to be able to help out my niece with something. She's such a great (I want to say kid here but she's 22) young lady and I am so proud of the woman she's grown to be.


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