Friday, February 07, 2014

Remember When...

...A consultant was a consultant and not someone attempting to cleverly hide their unemployment status?

...You had to get up off your ass to change the channel on the television; and this sometimes dictated what you were watching?

...Even when you did get up off your ass to change the channel on the television, you only had half a dozen or so choices?

...The cost of a concert ticket was the price of what we pay those losers at Ticketmaster (and such) in fees just for the privilege of purchasing the ticket?

...The news had prestige and integrity?

...You had those flash cubes on top of your camera that blinded you, but were super cool because they turned on their own and when you looked at the used flash, it seemed as if something very serious had to happen for your picture to be taken?

...You could take a walk with a friend, or sit down to a meal in a restaurant, and not be interrupted by a phone call?

It seems to me, and I think about this every once in a while, that while we often attribute advances in technology to making our lives easier, it more often seems that as the world around us becomes more complex, life itself is more complicated.

Is it possible that we could actually start to think about simplifying things?

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