Friday, February 28, 2014

RIP "Big" Al

Funny the things you can recall that seem to have no meaning in the moment they were thrown at you. Fast forward 25 years or so and bam! Some time ago, my friend Joe owned a sneaker store in the old neighborhood. I worked for him on weekends not so much for the cash, though it was nice to have, but because him, me and a few others that either worked their or lingered had a blast.

Of all the bizarre memories, there was one time where Joe was mimicking his dad, "Big" Al, shaving; the way he would make funny faces trying to stretch the skin to get the closest shave. If you had any idea of some of the stuff we did as a group of friends in and out of that store, that memory would seem so random, trust me. For some reason, every single time I pick up that damn electric razor I chuckle a bit recalling that moment.

Pretty recently, Joe's sisters posted some pics of Al on FB as they all celebrated his 80th birthday (Joe is not on FB). It was great to see him there with his kids and grand kids. Sadly, even more recently, I learned of "Big" Al's passing.

The day after I learned of his passing, I thought about not shaving. But then, I did, and again, as soon as that razor touched my face, I chuckled...then, a tear, and I held up that razor to Al, a good man. Rest in Peace.

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