Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Day Today

I am speaking into my iPad in order to prepare this post, we shall see how many errors occur and how many I catch and correct.

Surprisingly, when I woke up I discovered that we had a snow day. Even more surprising, was when I look outside there was almost no accumulation of any kind. Now it would seem obvious that the call was made based on the future forecast for the day, but after so many poor calls, my confidence in the team that makes the calls at my school, well, just does not exist.

As I write this post nearly 4 hours later, still only 9:15 AM, there is definitely some snowfall and falling fast; I guess we'll have to wait and see where it all ends up.

Yesterday, in anticipation of this storm via the weather reports, almost nonstop throughout today every interaction with a colleague winds up in some quest to determine whether or not [no longer on iPad] we will have a snow day, if not, will we go home early, if so, what time. It gets real old, real fast.

Quite frankly, almost 100% of the time, I would rather go to work than have a snow day. I have to move the snow at my house, that is a lot of work and not in any way enjoyable.

Then, there are the complaints, the constant complaints. I sometimes even am guilty of the complaints and there is a time and place for a complaint here and there, it's not all unwarranted. However, there are some who complain with such anger that I question why they live where this type of weather is normal.

As I type this portion of the post, it is 12:42pm and I've had a pretty good day: watched a few hours of DVR'd Olympic coverage, read a good chunk of my book, social networked, worked out, showered and dressed, ate several meals and a snack, listened to music and podcasts and replied to student emails; I've managed to be productive and I feel pretty good. Looking outside, it's coming down fast an furious now and it's either very windy or I am having a stroke.

Y'all have fun!

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