Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sometimes, It's Not Good

I've talked about my "exercise streak", which as of today, is 1223 consecutive days. When most hear that, they are impressed and I guess there is something impressive about it but there is also something obsessive about it.

When I started, it was for a very specific reason. I had just been told I was pre-diabetic and I was definitely heavier than I wanted to be - it worked for me. The thing is, I know me well enough that if I didn't go for it every day, I'd have a hard time keeping up with it...resuming after a break in the action.

Shoot ahead a few years, I've lost my sense of balance, not literally, but balancing the workouts and the eating and all. So, while I have kept up the exercise, I've had to tone down the intensity because I've sustained some injuries and am trying to manage them without causing real problems.

I also had a bad stomach issue that took me away from my smoothie action and my diet in general has been considerably less controlled than it was. Of course, that means I've put a few pounds back on. Now the good news is that at least a couple of those pounds I think can be attributed to muscle, which is a good thing. However, only a few, and I know I need to carve a new path pretty soon - find some renewed direction so that I can get back on track. For now, I feel like I am sustaining and sort of maintaining but only on the edge.

I have a physical set for June. I would like to think that the nut inside me would want to get back into it so that I can be in better shape for the doctor. I know, nuts. I know that if the tests come back and show that my numbers are off in a bad way (cholesterol, BO, glucose), then I will get sad but also get back into it faster - but that is stupid.

My left knee hurts.

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