Monday, February 24, 2014

The Fever is Gone

As you regular readers know, I was inflicted with Olympic Fever. I probably watched more Olympics coverage for these games than any other in the past. I suspect if I had to watch live, I would have watched much less, DVR-ing everything and picking and choosing the when and what really made it much better.

I got to thinking, it seems the best way to deliver coverage of the Olympic games is not the conventional network route any longer. I think it would be way better to make all of the coverage available "On Demand" so viewers can very easily go to what they want when they want it. It would seem to be way more efficient.

As much as I enjoyed the games, I am glad they are over and done. Time to move on.

If you had the change to participate or try any one Winter Olympic sport, what would it be? Forget about risk or any of that, assume all of that is non-existent and you can try anything without risk of injury or worse. For me, hands down it would be ski jumping. I love the idea of being in-flight like that. In fact, I thought about this so much this time around that I even looked into how one learns to ski jump. Sadly, the first requirement is knowing how to ski. But after that, the way it works is they start you out on a very small hill and as you learn and build the skill, the hill gets incrementally higher. Pretty cool!!!

So tell me, what would be your sport to try?

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