Thursday, February 27, 2014

Viral Sensation!

There's been a growing trend in social media, particularly on Facebook, where you will see a picture of someone holding up a sign with some sob story about how they are looking for a long lost family member, or trying to get a bunch of likes for some goal, or just trying to tug at heart strings. I have no idea if any of them have ever been real but know for fact that many are phony, and some, even scams; they do all seem to go viral though, which puzzles me.

I thought I would parody these viral events by creating one of my own. The thing is, everything on my sign is true. When asked on FB by a friend why I told the truth I thought that the best way to parody something that is false by nature.

Go ahead, make it viral!!!

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Cuzzup! said...

Another reason to ditch FB! Glad I abandoned my page. I see I'm not missing much. The stupidity of "social" media these days blows my mind. What's the point if you can't post something real, interesting, note-worthy, and ORIGINAL (definition for those who don’t understand what originality means: Stop copying the other Facebook page and/or person, and get your own damn ideas)! For once, I would like to see someone post about a breathtaking travel destination (and yes, to an actual place on planet Earth! Not to a photoshopped planet in outer space where pigs fly and aquatic mammals walk around in shorts on some twisted, tropical, dried up lagoon; where palm trees are made out of Twizzlers, and the all you can eat salad bar is over flowing with mysterious, sliver food that humans can’t ingest), maybe a special achievement (not because of a “Try This Crazy Challenge!” post that is passed around, without any warning of adverse effects, and eventually landing you in the hospital with a broken back and a bulging hernia) , or just some photos of a kick ass concert you rocked out at (of course not admiring the person standing in front you with a hideous mullet, but of the actual band that you originally intended to see). I got so sick and tired of the "save the (insert first thing that comes to mind) posters, the "check out this plate of food!” the "oh look, my dog just barfed (followed by either a nasty close up photo, or a poor dog being shamed for ruining the carpet)!”, and last but not least, “Here’s another picture of me taking a selfie in the bathroom that I practically live in because most of my pictures and posts originate from here!”. In my opinion, Facebook is now a sea of repetitive, mindless nonsense.

I must say, the parody was brilliant and funny. Thanks for the laugh and the ability to share my rant! See you on planet Heedeedee! :P