Sunday, March 30, 2014


Not the chess piece, the actual Bishop. That is, the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts. Bishop Tom Shaw, who is retiring in September, made a visit to my church today.

I don't talk to much religion here and I am no bible thumper, but this man, Tom Shaw, is a pretty great dude. Last year, Bishop Shaw was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor and had went through a round of treatment and recent tests reported that the results were not quite what they had hoped. As a result, he will be undergoing additional testing and treatment.

What I think has been amazing is how he has so gracefully handled his diagnosis and treatment and the amazing courage and inspiration he is showing. I had the opportunity to thank him for that inspiration and offered some advice to someone who has made a life out of being there to answer others as they asked for advice. I kept it simple and told him that it was okay to be human.

Hard not to think how a man who has so devoutly dedicated his life to this God we pray to. Tom is not only an Episcopal priest (who could marry), but he is also a monk. I can't even begin to understand that piece of it, especially as a choice, but beyond the religious aspects - which I recognize all have different ideas, opinions, and beliefs about, Tom Shaw, the man, is compassionate and really had given his life to help human kind.

May Tom battle the cancer to it's demise and be able to live out his days as he chooses to. May he find peace and happiness, thanks Tom for being an inspiration.

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