Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bullet Bits and Tuesday Haiku

  • Apple and Moses's parents are separating after 10 years of marriage.
  • New HTC One released today, looks even more intriguing that the Samsung Galaxy S5
  • I've had my fill of hearing about the Jets signing Michael Vick, time to let it go now.
  • Enough with the Staten Island clown, have you ever been there? There are lots of clowns in that dump.
  • Watching Dancing with the Stars this season only for Amy Purdy,  such an amazing woman; I am so blown away. If you have no idea why, the girl has no legs and is still an amazing dancer, just an awesome human being!
My friend Erin posted to Fb, "It's only Tuesday", to which I haiku'd back:
It's only Tuesday
The weekend's so far away
Hump day tomorrow

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