Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Charity Pet Peeve

Before I get into this, I need to clarify that I do love animals, if what I write that follows makes you think that isn't the case, you are wrong.

I was watching a celebrity competition on TV where they play to raise awareness and money for some charity. One was playing for an organization that provides meals to school kids, one was playing for the American Cancer Society and the other was playing for some organization that deals with animals, whether it be strays or whatever. The particular celebrity or competition isn't important and this is only one of several similar examples where I've seen this.

Turns out, it really bugged me that someone was so gung ho to give their winning to an animal charity when MS, Cancer and ALS (among others) continue to exist. Have you ever known someone whose had ALS? Or MS where it has completely destroyed their entire life?

I had a colleague who was diagnosed with MS at around 40. By 50, he was in a wheelchair and by 60, he had to go into assisted living, but in order to do so and not wipe out every penny from his wife and kids, he had to divorce.

I can't find my way to donate a single penny to a charity that wants to help animals with anything as long as there is a chance that a human I love can be stricken with any of these horrible diseases. Maybe it's a shallow and narrow way to see things, but it's the truth - for me.

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