Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Happy Birthday Bro

Funny thing is, my brother may never see this, he's not much of a blog lurker. I guess it's possible that Shannon Ford, his wife, may see it and show it to him. Regardless, I'll speak to him later about it...

My brother John turns the double-nickel today, 55 years old. When we were kids, we shared a bedroom (I think I may have told some of these stories on this blog before but heck, you don't remember them :) and for most of the time, he set out to torture me. Not in a malicious evil way, but in a brotherly, rite of passage older brother way.

He would come home at ridiculous hours of the night, long after I was asleep, and play very loud music. He would have to get up for work in the morning, so my poor mom had the daunting task of waking him up. Not sure how he is now but in those days, I am certain it would have been far easier to wake the dead. However, mom was persistent, and loud, despite my brothers incoherent ramblings from sleep about how he was busy underneath some truck or some car. The nut even dreamed about working on cars and things!

It was exhausting to have been a part of some of those times but it was all I knew and despite some of the real nasty brother fights we had, we also had some fun times when we were in sync. He was older by five and a half years, he was into his own group of friends and while we crossed paths on occasion, by the time he was 16-17 or so, we didn't hang out a whole lot.

we did start spending more time hanging out a little ways down the road when Johnny moved out, eventually, I too moved out of my parent's house and we sort of grew up. It's funny thinking back though to some of the old times back at home, the way we would all fight over the TV, be ridiculous at the dinner table, fear my dad getting home from work if we did something bad.

It's crazy sometimes to think of how long ago that all was.

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