Saturday, March 15, 2014

It Only Hurts When I'm Coughing

after hitting the sack relatively early last night, I woke up around 7:30 with the plan of getting a lot of rest today so that I can kick this cough in the butt. While it only hurts when I am coughing, it seems I am coughing a lot, and I don't like it one bit.

I had a cop of coffee and a couple of slices of toast with butter and watched a bit of TV before taking my first forced nap of the day. I feel like the body at rest is where optimum healing takes place and after a week of coughing painfully, I felt that is what I needed.

I woke up sometime before 10 and decided to do my taxes. I would have done them earlier but one of the 1099's I needed was delayed. It didn't take all that long, maybe an hour to take care of that and when done, I thought I might remain a bit productive and grade a few assignments.

just before noon I decided to read. I had a light lunch and read some more before deciding that another nap was required. I remained in bed until around 3 before a bot more TV and reading with a light sprinkling of FB thrown in before another nap, this time not in my bed but right there in my reclined state on my couch.

I rose back to life some time after, and have been awake since trying my best to relax. I've knocked off about a third of my book, enjoyed a plethora of remedies that seem to barely work, until I cough and then they seem to not have worked at all. I called my daughter and told her to sleep in if she wants as I was planning to do the same in hopes of helping the recovery. I do look forward to picking up my kid in time for a little sushi lunch.

I hope you all had a nice Saturday.

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