Saturday, March 08, 2014

Mad Men Season 7 On the Way

I've been a Mad Men fan for a long time. I jumped in somewhere in season 2 by binge watching to catch up then faithfully waiting for each Sunday and then each season the following year.

The first 3 seasons were amazing. Season 4 was very, very good but season 5 showed some signs of weakness and season 6 was almost bad. Thankfully, the producers see that the end must come and announced season 7 would be the last. I think this is good because I feel there would be focus to tie things up and put some focus back into the writing that sort of went off course. Everyone wants to go out on a high note, so I have been hopeful.

Then, at some point, they made he decision to split the last season up showing half the episodes this year over a 7 week period and then, we would have to wait an entire year before the final 7 episodes are released.

I  H A T E  T H I S !

Unless the work is spectacular, any momentum they might be able to build in the short 7 weeks will be completely lost over the year we must wait for the last 7 episodes. Just let us have them this year, go out on a high note, then move on.

Yes, I know that Breaking Bad was successful with this strategy but it's a different show all together; plus, they never faltered, every minute of every episode was amazing.

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