Thursday, March 27, 2014

Miss E Lane E us Doo Dads

Just learned about this event called the 5K Foam Fest and am strongly considering giving it a whirl!

Since it looks like I may not get funded for my conference for work this year, I may consider trying to crowd fund it.

Happy that Vince Wilfork will be back on the Pats!

Microsoft Office now available for iPad.

Chris Christie still disgusts me - I believe he is guilty of Bridge Gate.

This headline is interesting to me, "L'Wren Scott has reportedly left her entire estate, worth $9 million, to boyfriend Mick Jagger ".

I learned how to embed a YouTube video into an Excel worksheet today #geekmoment.

Toward the end of 2013, I helped plan a major event locally, that was a lot of work. I am currently working on a similar event only it's taking place 80 miles or so away, that's a bit more challenging for sure!

Just started reading Peter Criss' autobiography today.

I wish I was in Illinois, visiting my favorite peeps in all the Midwest and beyond.

I gotta hit the hay...'night.

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