Sunday, March 09, 2014

Nine Thousand Cents

I'm sitting at a bar stool sipping on a beer and watching my friend perform and happen to look down and see on the floor, between my stool and the one next to me, a cloth napkin and a small wad of cash. I looked around immediately too see if the guy that was sitting there was in view, though he got up about five minutes before.

Without any sight of him, I reached down a grabbed both the napkin and the cash. I placed the napkin on the bar and the cash in my breast pocket and then walked around the bar and to the men's room to see if the dude that was sitting next to me was around; not to be found anywhere (and I have no idea if the cash was even his or someone before him).

This was around 9 pm and I knew I was going to be around until they closed, and that if whomever lost it was coming back for it, they would start in that location and ask the bartender - that never happened.

I left a phone number for the bartender and told him that if someone came in saying they lost something to give them my number. If someone claims it within 24 hours, I will see to it they get it back. If not, I am nine thousand cents richer.

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