Saturday, March 22, 2014

Pulled Over

After battling this damn cough thing for so long, though not 100%, I diced to go support The Road Dawgs as they debuted a new lead vocalist. Because I had been medicating, I opten not to have any alcohol at all, though when I do, it's one or two beers at most of the course of the night.

Driving home, just two or three minutes into my journey, I see e flashing lights indicating me to pull over. "WTF!" I yelped. But of course, I pulled over and began to get my license and registration ready before the officer came a knocking.

As he approached, I opened the windows and handed him my papers before he had to ask and completely confused, I asked, " may I inquire why you pulled me over?" He asked "Where are you coming from tonight?" Oddly, for some crazy reason, I completely forgot the name of the stupid place. I hate this place so much that I've said more than once I would never go back, but I did.

I told the officer, "I just came out to see my friend's band." "What's the name of the band?", He asked. "The Road Dawgs" thankfully, I recalled :) "How much did you have to drink tonight sir?" He questioned, I replied truthfully, "I did not drink any alcohol at all tonight officer."

He handed me back my paperwork and said "have a safe ride back home and a good night." I replied, "you as well." And that was it. I just think that stupid shit hole KasBar is filled with bad karma. I would guess many of the assholes that frequent that place probably leave their piss drunk so cops just routinely pill over people that drive out of there.

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