Wednesday, March 05, 2014


"Sorrow is not a raven perched persistently above a chamber door. Sorrow is a thing with teeth, and while in time it retreats, it comes back at the whisper of its name."

When I read that, I stopped reading and re-read the quote a few times and just let it sit there and marinade my brain cells. After that, I had the chance to be kind of blown away thinking about where it came from. Then, I Googled the quote and learned, to no surprise, I am not alone.

Pretty cool!
For Ash Wednesday, a few local priests (including the one from the church where I go), decided to offer "Ashes on the Go". Instead of having an very early morning service in church at 6:30 am, they set up shop at the commuter rail station and gave ashes right there; what a great idea!
Verizon are a bunch of assholes!!! I hate them more than ever thought possible to hate them. Worst customer service of any company ever.

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