Monday, March 24, 2014

Redemption: A Nickel at a Time

I tend to collect my deposit redeemable cans and bottles for a long time but this was about twice as long, at least in terms of quantity, as any other time I can recall. I brought 240 pieces to the state redemption center today and collected $12.00 in return.

The state redemption centers tend to be in the questionable parts of town and are frequented by homeless and undesirables looking for a fix, a nip, or a smoke (or any combination of the three). I admit that I feel uncomfortable going in there during the workday when I am wearing a dress shirt and tie.

One of my biggest gripes with the way these recycling programs work is that most stores, such as grocery stores, will only redeem cans/bottles that they sell. In this case, there are times I would have to carry the empties around and even remember where I got them, this is a stupid way to do things, especially if the goal is to encourage recycling.

Why not make it so that everyone who sells products in redeemable containers must also accept ALL redeemable containers. Make the process easy on the consumer to return them and the merchants to process them.

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