Monday, March 17, 2014

Rested but Not Over It

I spent a lot of time getting rest over this past weekend but I am still fighting this nasty cough. Boo!

Spring is supposed to start this coming Thursday but if today is any indication of what Mother Nature has is store, with what could be record lows and snow in some areas, I'd say Mom Nature is pretty much reminding us who is in charge.

This (to the right) is a selfie I took while messing around with one of the filters on my cell phone. The filter is called "Noir", do I look all Noir or what?

As I type this, it is very early in the morning, yet I already have this desire to think about lunch. For some reason, I have this hunger for pizza - nothing so hard to accomplish but there would be some level of guilt involved since I actually took the time to pack a lunch today. I guess I have plenty of time to let that one ride out - I'll keep you posted (if I remember).

I'm supposed to participate in this crappy session today but I want to blow it off because of this darn cough (and because it is going to be crappy). We shall see!

I have been able to stay on top of grading student work pretty well so far, I hope that keeps up.

Lots of scattered thoughts here...cheers for now.

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