Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I had to get up early to get my daughter off to school but, all of my required obligations for the day ended by 7:15am. Yes, there are things that need to be done, but I took the day off to rest and heal thyself and rest I did. I spent at least five additional hours in bed throughout the day.

Is it possible that a cough could get worse later in the day than earlier? How does that happen. It seems my cough is worse at night than during the day.

During my awake time, I managed to grade some student work, listen to some podcasts and music and make a little dent in my DVR,

I did make the mistake of reading my work email, never a good idea, especially when sick. Note from boss indicating the unlikelihood of getting funded for the big conference this summer. Pisses me off and makes no sense, others go on conferences and seem to ever have an issue. I.T. is such a crucial area and the conference is hosted by a company that we spend nearly a quarter of a million bucks a year with and we are getting nickel and dimed by the administration over a few thousand bucks to attend their conference and ensure we are getting all we can out of that quarter mil - ridiculous!

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