Monday, March 17, 2014

The Ride

What a wonderful little documentary film this turned out to be. Phil Keoghan had this notion to take a bike ride. No, not just a little bike ride - and by bike, I mean bicycle. This particular bike ride would take in on a 3,500 mile journey across the country from Southern California into New York City.

Part of the quest revolved around turning 40, part of it was to make a statement to his dad, who flew in from New Zealand and was part of the team, driving a truck and hauling an Airstream, and partly to raise awareness and donations for MS - Keoghan takes us on a journey that I found to be riveting, heartwarming, and just plain wonderful.

Knowing Keoghan pretty much only from The Amazing Race, seeing him in this context was interesting and it was funny how his native accent became so much a part of this.

There were a lot of really great lessons in determination. Time was a major factor and as such, Keoghan had to maintain a pace of about 100 miles per day and throughout, he had lots of scheduled appearances and meet ups - despite some setbacks related to weather, a pretty nasty spill, and some illness, Keoghan battled on and kept the pace.

I have to give this one a major recommendation, I really loved this film.

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