Friday, March 14, 2014

"You Don't Look Good!"

That's what a friend said to me today, "You don't look good!" Always nice to hear :), but considering how I've been feeling this week, and especially today, I suspect I looked how I felt (apology to all around me).

If I get sick, it's usually no more than once per year and I filled my quota if we are talking the last 12 months, but maybe my body is switching to the calendar year and wants to get 2014 out of the way. I've had this hacking, painful cough, not unlike one I've had before, all week and I can't find relief. I've not had any fever and since I can't find Buckley's Cough Medicine anywhere anymore, I am resorting the tussin-y type and it's not really helping all that much.

Despite all this feeling bleh, I still went to work every day; this isn't a brag, just a statement and perhaps a testament to my stubbornness - I probably should have stayed home for some of the time and gotten rest. My plan for this weekend is to do just that, get some rest, but I also have other things that must get done, such as taxes and grading, but I will pace myself - need to get better.

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