Thursday, April 03, 2014

Cheater and Stuff

Discovered two students cheating as I was grading an assignment and both had the exact same mistakes, dumb asses! I hate that more than anything.

Been giving a whirl to the idea that shampooing every day is not that great. I don't know, I had been shampooing every day for decades. When I was recently sick, I actually went a couple of days without shampooing and it didn't suck, my hair looked fine and in fact, seemed thicker and fuller.I have no idea, I just thought maybe doing the shampoo every other day and just water in between might be fine, so far so good, I'll keep at it a bit longer.

Kind of got back into tweeting over the last couple of weeks...having fun but sometimes feel a bit of pressure to be witty. However, it's a good muscle to be exercising.

Mad Men begins in 10 days. I must say, I find I am less psyched about it finally starting up again than I am about it finally coming to an end, I think they've gone a bit down hill and am really upset about the idea to split the last season over two years and each being only 7 episodes.

Crazy to think Wrestlemania 30 is coming up, I recall the first one as if it were yesterday. Haven't watched much wrestling over the last few years though.

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