Sunday, April 13, 2014

In My Ears 2

Here's what I've been listening to since the last "In My Ears" post:

Daughtry - Baptized
Solid record.

Sara Bareilles - The Blessed Unrest
Something about her makes me happy, there are so many good qualities about her songs, her voice and her presence.

Bruce Hornsby & Ricky Skaggs - Cluck Ol' Hen (Live)
Bruce Horsby is popular for some pop music records he made starting in the mid 1980's. Ricky Skaggs had a budding country music career in the early 80's and surrendered his chart topping fame for his love of blugrass and his mission to keep it alive. This isa live concert bluegrass collaboration reimagining some songs, reinventing others but mostly, celebrating seriously the joy and intensity of this important and often misunderstood genre .

Toby Keith - Drinks After Work
Less chart oriented feel but still, a Toby Keith record - hard to find much fault with that.

Boston - Life, Love & Hope
Technically, it is that Boston but really a Tom Scholz record with Boston alumni and other guests. I expected this record to suck but it doesn't. However, just don't expect it to be anything even close the the first Boston record, they never have nor never will achieve that again. Take this record for what it is, simply at face value, and you will find something worth listening to.

Paramore - Paramore
Sublime (the adjective, not the band)

Jeff Perry - Quartet
Jeff is a friend. I've had this record since release and listen to it regularly. Great Jazz record for the masses.

LeAnn Rimes - Spitfire
You need to be a pop-country music fan to like this. Leave her personal life, chronicled in the rags constantly, and listen as a fan of her and this genre and you will love this record.

Jimmy Webb - Still Within the Sound of My Voice
Webb has penned songs that you know for decades. Here, he performs some of them, along with some special guests. There are some really great cuts here, most notably for me, the title cut.

Nick Lowe - Quality Street: A Seasonal Selection for All the Family
Nick Lowe has long been one of my favorite songwriters, producers and performers. The last few years he has sort of stylized his music to match his age but in a classy and wonderful way. This is his take on a holiday record and while I often talk about how much I hate Christmas music, this record is so fun.

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