Friday, April 11, 2014

Kitchen Remodel: What a Difference a Day (plus two months) Make

They made quite a bit of progress today. The installers arrived while the cabinet delivery was in progress so things got started right away and kept moving all day. Here are some photos of where they left off; the third one has the best lighting and best illustrates the maple wood species.

Looking forward to Monday. Need to arrange for the appliances to get delivered. Oh, because the appliance guy has been so super cool and not charging me to store the appliances I bought (and paid for) back in December, I bought him a bottle of Jameson's (I have it on reliable authority it's his favorite).

Part of what I need to factor in on how the cabinet dilemma screwed me is that the appliances have never gotten to my house and a third of the warranty is up! Life is hard. First world problems, but still annoying.

I've taken the steam mop to those nasty stains that were under the stove, feel much better.

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