Sunday, April 06, 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Mailbox


I can actually go to the post office Monday, collect my mail and tell them to remove the hold and resume delivery!!! I am so psyched about this little victory.

Things I learned (or already knew but thought it would be fun to include in this list):
It's better to have two people to install a mailbox post. Not only is the job easier that way but you then have someone to hang out with. However, it's also possible to accomplish solo.

100 pounds of cement weighs in right near 100 pounds.

My rechargeable screwdriver is either too old or not powerful enough for this application, but it was useful getting those 1.5" screws started.

Going to the post office as regularly as I have these past few months really sucks.

Postal workers have the easiest, cushiest job on the fucking planet yet they complain and are bad at it anyway. It really does not surprise me that the post office is in trouble, they are overpaid and under-worked. And yes, this is a generalization, there are some who actually do the job with pride and are pleasant people.

That's it.

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