Saturday, April 05, 2014

Saturday Night and All of the Day

  • Post title is a tribute to The Kinks
  • Slept in today! Though some might laugh that 9:00 am is sleeping in, but it is, very much so.
  • Good amount of grading completed, a few projects to go - grading projects is the worst!
The story of my mailbox/post dates back to more than a year ago, when age and weathering had finally tore the post from the ground. By that time, the top portion, the arm that held the mailbox to the post had already come off several times and despite me nailing it back on, the post was so old that the nails only weakened the wood and never offered a firm hold.

Because it was winter, instead of replacing, I make-shifted by placing the old post into a five gallon bucket with some dirt, sand, rocks, and whatever would hold it in place. It looked pretty ghetto but it did the job until the nicer weather would allow me to replace them.

I bought a new post and was prepared to take care of it but one thing lead to another and days became weeks became months and all of a sudden, the summer and fall had lead to another winter. This past winter was brutal and the plows just demolished what was left of the old post and mailbox.

Today, I finally mounted the new post. tomorrow, I will attach the new mailbox and resume mail delivery after the past month or so of having to fetch the mail every few days directly from the post office. Pics of the completed job tomorrow.

That's it. Goodnight! Tori, if you read this, just want you to know that I miss you!

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