Monday, April 14, 2014

Saturday Night's Alright for...Uh, Oh..Make Way...

There is a local band called "The Peacheaters" that play southern rock, heavy on Allman Brothers music. I've known of this band for some time and have met a couple of guys that play with them but never saw them live. I got word they were playing on Saturday, so I decided that it was time.

I got to the venue just a little early with the intent to have dinner there, I ordered one of the specials, "Steak Bomb Pizza" along with a pint of Shock Top. It was around 9 pm when my food and beer arrived, a glass of water had been delivered just before.

By the time 11-11:30 rolled around, I had eaten a good amount of the pizza (it was a 10" personal size), polished off the pint and the water and hadn't been re-visited by the server in the nearly two and a half hours since she delivered my order.

There was also a "ladies night out" party that decided to congregate at my table since it was the only place there was space - they were an interesting bunch....two of them kept going out to smoke and the other two were obsessed with their colorful beverages and the free popcorn. My friends who were supposed to show never did, mattered not to me, I got to see the band.

Anyway, over the course of the set, my stomach had begun doing gymnastics and by the break, I began to feel not well. I went to the rest room and I won't get into detail, I'll just say that returning to the main room for the second set was not an option. I left, went to my car, and got home as fast as I could.

It wasn't a pleasant night but when morning came, I was alright for the most part. As I was getting ready to pick up my daughter to go to church, it occurred to me that I never paid my check! I was mortified, that was not my intent and not something I would ever do - but since more than two hours had passed since I saw my server and I got sick, I just never thought of it.

I'll be calling them this afternoon to tell that I was the dude they were probably cursing out when they were reconciling things after they closed and explain what happened and then offer to make it right. Shit happens!

Update: Called the place, no management was available. I told the employee my story and she said usually if there an open check, they make note of it so everyone is aware and there were no notes left; so they had no idea that I never paid the check. Which means, either they messed up or, now that I think of it, maybe those four women that were sitting with me paid it (oh God)...LOL!!! I'll have call back on Wednesday when the owner and the server are there.

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