Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Side Cars and COD (Not the Fish)

You ever see a motorcycle with a side car? They are around, but not a lot of them. When you see one, you take notice, cause it's unusual. Of course, it get's an additional level of notice when there is someone actually sitting in the side car.

The other day, I'm driving along, paying careful attention to the road when what comes whipping by on the opposite side of the street? A motorcycle...with a side car...occupied by a dog!!! I actually had to remind myself that I was driving and that I need to focus on the road in front of me - that was truly memorable (and entertaining).
COD, "Course of Distinction". I received official word that the online course I am teaching this semester has been chosen as a "Course of Distinction" and will be recognized my the Mass Colleges Online consortium of all 24 Massachusetts state colleges.

I'll receive my award at the annual conference in early June...I am so proud of this honor and achievement.

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