Saturday, April 05, 2014

Spontaneous Friday

I had not planned to leave my house once I got home from work yesterday. I was a bit tired from the usual grind and hoped to chill for a bit, do a little (or a lot of) grading, and just lounge around. When I get home from work, if I have no plans to leave the house, the "monkey suit" comes off immediately and into sweats and a t-shirt I go.

I had been back and forth between the couch/TV and the computer, grading student work (with some social networking interspersed) for a while and somewhere just before 10 pm, my friend messages me that a couple of other friends are at a nearly watering hole/dive and that we should go hang for a bit, check out some local music, and have a beer.

It had been a very long time since I spontaneously changed gears and did that but I was bleary eyed from assignments and thought it might be fun so I "freshened up", put on some street clothes, and arrived at "The Tavern" just a few minutes after 10 pm. The band that was headlining, "Wash Brain Immediately" did a Kurt Cobain/Nirvana tribute set. The drummer works with one of my friends that was there...all in all, they were very good. They had an opener, a band called "Big Bad Wolf", who had a very unique sound and featured an electric cello player, that is either going to work or not and let me tell you, it worked!

Fun night!

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