Friday, April 18, 2014

The Every Other Day of the Week Experiment

For more than 25 years, I've shampooed my hair every single day, despite the claims by some that this is not advisable, that it dries out the natural oils, and all that. I don't believe there's any evidence of that making a difference to me.

When I was last sick with that crazy coughy/sinusy thing a few weeks back, I was so ill, that I went two days without washing my hair and then decided to try washing it every other day. I've stuck with the every other day thing and so far, while it hasn't sucked, I haven't seen any benefit.

Sure enough, just as I typed that last paragraph, I got an itch on my head! LOL! Who the heck knows, not really all that significant I guess.
Tomorrow I need to go to the plant where they are fabricating the counter for my kitchen to sign off on the slab

I'm a bit disappointed at someone I love.

Tomorrow is "Record Store Day"; there is a new Bruce Springsteen vinyl EP being released - I may have to find one.

I hate the fucking cell phone companies as much as I hate the cable TV companies.


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