Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Wait, Weight?

More often than not when someone goes out of their way to talk about their weight, it's to brag about a weight loss. Of course, that's a wonderful thing and I encourage such; I've done it myself.

I'm writing to discuss a weight gain, mine. Not an enormous amount but enough to make the clothes start fitting less comfortable and get me thinking, "hey, wtf!"

Yes, I have been under a bit more duress of late than usual, I haven't had a kitchen for about 6 weeks or so, but in the end, I made a choice to eat irrationally and that's the bottom line.

I feel like putting it out there in the universe is the next step from self-realization and hopefully will spring board into getting back to fighting weight.

I am hoping that Friday or Monday will see the kitchen work finally resume.

Hee Dee Dee!

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