Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What's Up Student?

Not one of my students, but another, one who I had to interact with on the help desk. they write that they are unable to resubmit their assignment online.

I reply, it's likely that the instructor set it so that you only had one upload attempt. You should contact your instructor.

Student: I emailed my instructor and they didn't get back to me.

See where this is going?

Either a really stupid person or someone simply willing to work as hard at not accomplishing anything, or harder, than to actually complete the assignment effectively and get it done.

why would they not think to contact the dean? I did advise this. Student got back to me, yet again, asking if I would try contacting the instructor for them. In other words, "would you be my secretary?"

How do they not know it would have been less effort for them to contact the right people than the technology help desk.

Then, I get attitude..."Some help desk!" What a freaking ignorant dumb ass!

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